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When you decide to reside your Centennial home, whether you live in Arapahoe Estates neighborhood or Hunter’s hill, you need a siding contractor you can trust. Equally important is a contractor that knows the ins and outs of siding from cedar plank to vinyl, so they can help you make the best choices for your home in Colorado’s challenging environment. In an area like Centennial where things like hail, high winds, and even fire are all commonplace a knowledgeable siding contractor will be instrumental in making sure your home stays protected.

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Work with a Siding Company You Can Trust

At Siding Colorado we have the experience needed to properly guide you through your new siding experience from start to finish. We will give you sage advice based on nearly two decades installing siding here in Centennial and all over Colorado. After hundreds of commercial and residential projects completed we here at Siding Colorado is a name, you can trust to install any type of siding on your Centennial home that will last and look beautiful for years to come.

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Premium James Hardie™ Siding For Centennial Homes

Your home is by far the biggest investment you will ever make in your life.  So when it comes to siding it makes sense that you would want the very best and beautiful.  James Hardie fiber cement is exactly the siding that will give your home the charm and character you crave with the durability you need to keep your home safe in Colorado’s sometimes extreme climate.


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James Hardie™ Siding Benefits

Great for homes in Centennial neighborhoods from Fox Point to Orchard Gate, James Hardie fiber cement siding will make your home vibrant and eye-catching.  lts bold textures and an authentic real wood appearance make James Hardie siding truly stand out. However, what our James Hardie customers love most about their siding is its Incredible durability, outstanding warranty, and how it stands up to Colorado’s challenging environment.  A James Hardie siding purchase for your Centennial home is money well spent and buys you more than just siding–it buys you peace of mind.

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LP SmartSide: Elegant Engineered Wood Siding For Your Centennial Home

When seeking a practical alternative to traditional wood or cedar siding, LP SmartSide is a great choice. LP SmartSide is made from engineered wood which mimics the color and appearance of wood that you love but is far more durable with less maintenance.


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LP SmartSide Siding Benefits

For Centennial homes from South Glenn to Cherry Knolls, LP SmartSide is the budget-friendly choice that won’t make you sacrifice style or beauty.   Not only that but LP SmartSide is incredibly versatile– available in both vertical and horizontal options as well as a variety of textures and colors.

But the beauty of SmartSide goes beyond the surface. LP SmartSide is treated with a special protective coating called SmartGuard which makes it durable and impact resistant. Not even termites, hail, sleet, or snow can damage this durable, steadfast material.

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Diamond Kote: Fade Resistant Siding for your Centennial Home

Invest in siding with lasting color and value by choosing Diamond Kote for your Centennial home. Diamond Kote’s premium fade resistant siding is both elegant and practical. Not only does it exhibit a gorgeous color and texture, but it’s also UV resistant, which gives it the ability to withstand years of sun exposure.

Over the course of fifty years, homeowners can save up to $22,000 by choosing Diamond Kote over another brand by eliminating the need to repaint. And the best part is, your investment will be protected by Diamond Kote’s thirty year no-fade warranty.

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The Advantages of Diamond Kote Siding

The siding you choose not only affects your exterior, but also what your life will look like over the years. When you choose Diamond Kote’s low maintenance, pre-finished siding, you can expect a satisfactory experience for years to come. Some of the benefits you can look forward to include:

  • A vibrant, fade-resistant finish that retains its beautiful color over the years
  • Saves tens of thousands of dollars in repainting costs
  • RigidStack siding is 375% stronger than traditional lap siding
  • 5/50 year siding system warranty
  • 30 year no-fade warranty
  • Resistance to hail up to 1.74 inches in diameter

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Alside: Beautiful, Affordable Siding for your Centennial Home

Get the beautiful exterior you’ve always dreamed of all while saving money on your home improvement project. Opt for versatile, affordable Alside siding for your Centennial home.

Alside is a reputable brand that’s been in business since 1947. They produce a fantastic selection of steel and vinyl siding as well as composite and specialty options. Alside siding is economical, low maintenance, and water resistant, making it an attractive choice for homes in Colorado.

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Alside Siding Benefits

When you invest in Alside siding for your Centennial home, you’ll get beautiful, high quality siding that’s affordable and easy to maintain. Alside offers many conveniences including benefits such as:

  • A vast selection of attractive colors and finishes to choose from
  • A variety of textures, materials, and styles
  • Option to choose between steel, vinyl, insulated vinyl, composite, or specialty siding
  • Water resistant siding that can withstand rain, humidity, and moisture
  • An industry leading warranty that protects every dollar of your investment

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Siding Colorado is the area’s most trusted source for siding repair and replacement. We pride ourselves in our team of professional installers and friendly staff members who are always here to provide you with the best siding solutions for your Centennial home. Contact us today for more information on our vast selection of siding products and to schedule a free consultation.