LP Smartside Colorado durability

LP® SmartSide® for Colorado Homes: Durability & Weatherability

Many homeowners are drawn to the beautiful, rich look of wood siding. And who can blame them – wood has great texture, color, and a lovely natural, earthy look! However, in terms of durability, wood presents a few concerns and therefore requires more maintenance. LP SmartSide offers Colorado homeowners a more durable option for siding replacement that requires half the upkeep, but looks equally as beautiful as natural cedar.

You’ll get all the same benefits of natural wood – beautiful color, texture, and character – but your siding will be much stronger and sturdier. That way, when the bad weather comes rolling in, you won’t have to worry. Your home will look just as beautiful as ever before, no matter if rain, shine, sleet, or hail heads your way.

lp smartside colorado durability

LP® SmartSide® - Durable, Beautiful & Impact Resistant

Finding the right compromise between the durability you need and a look you love isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, homeowners are forced to sacrifice one for the other, leaving them with less than satisfactory results. If durability is chosen over aesthetics, the home may not sell for as much. If aesthetics are made the priority, expensive repairs and high maintenance become an issue. But with LP SmartSide, you don’t have to choose between the two. You can get a beautiful, upscale look for your home while still protecting it from the elements.

LP SmartSide is treated with SmartGuard, a special strengthening agent designed to add rigidity and weatherproofing. This unique blend of resin, waxes, and zinc borate is applied to every strand of wood, sealing it and protecting it from hazardous situations that may come its way. This makes it one of the most durable exterior products on the market – even stronger than traditional wood, steel, and fiber cement! Not even hail, golf balls, hockey pucks, or baseballs will ruin its beautiful appearance.

LP SmartSide colorado weatherability

Outlast the Storm with Weatherproof Siding

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states to live in, but the weather is fierce. Living here, you have to be prepared for all types of extreme weather – ranging from hot, dry periods of intense drought to severe hail storms, blizzards, and freezing rain. You know that at some point during the year, bad weather will inevitably come your way. And if you don’t protect your home, you’ll pay for it later, either in terms of damage to your siding itself or the structural components inside. That’s what makes LP SmartSide a great option for Colorado homes.

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is designed for maximum weatherability, offer Colorado homeowners impeccable performance that lasts year after year. Natural wood planks are treated with SmartGuard, making them ten times stronger and more weather resistant than normal. This gives SmartSide the ability to resist all types of climate and weather conditions, including 200 mph winds, excessive moisture and humidity, freeze/thaw cycles, extreme heat, flooding, and hail.

LP SmartSide engineered wood Colorado

Install Durable Engineered Wood Siding for Your Home

When it comes to your home, you can’t afford to take chances. You need strong, durable siding that will protect your home from the elements and provide you with a good ROI. You need LP SmartSide and Siding Colorado is ready to help. Call our office today to book your consultation or get an estimate on residing your Colorado home.