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Welcome to Siding Colorado, the epitome of siding brilliance in Breckenridge. Since our inception in 2005, our journey has been one of consistent excellence, molding our reputation as Breckenridge’s trusted siding maestros. Over the years, we’ve expanded our catalog, specializing in siding repair, replacement, and offering both residential and commercial siding solutions tailored to every need. From the serene ambiance of Downtown Breckenridge to the lively streets of Warrior’s Mark, and all through Slopeside Breckenridge, The Highlands, Historic Center, Slopeside, Peak 7, and Blue River; our work has left imprints of quality and craftsmanship.

Residential Siding in Breckenridge

Every Breckenridge home tells a story, and we’re here to amplify that narrative with impeccable residential siding services. Our expertise ranges from repair, rejuvenating aging structures, to replacement, giving homes a completely refreshed facade. But our services aren’t just about fixing; we weave artistry into exterior designs, ensuring each Breckenridge residence radiates its unique charm. From the very first consultation, our experts guide homeowners through the intricate process of material selection, style coordination, color matching, durability checks, and energy efficiency considerations.

Commercial Siding in Breckenridge

In the heart of Breckenridge’s bustling commercial districts, buildings stand as testaments to businesses’ legacies. We understand the importance of first impressions in business. Thus, our commercial siding services aim to ensure every commercial entity reflects its ethos perfectly. With an array of services including repair, replacement, rainscreens for moisture protection, and state-of-the-art exterior designs, we’ve got every business covered. Commercial property owners also benefit from our advisory approach, helping them make informed choices on materials, design aesthetics, budget considerations, and strategizing large-scale projects for minimal disruption.

Multi-Family Siding for Breckenridge

Breckenridge’s multi-family residential complexes, from lavish condos and high-rise condominiums to sprawling apartment landscapes, deserve siding services that match their grandeur. At Siding Colorado, we’re equipped and eager to transform these structures. Our offerings encompass repair, replacement, and avant-garde exterior designs. We ensure property managers and owners make decisions that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also consider long-term factors like durability, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements.

Siding Materials

The beauty of Breckenridge’s diverse architectural landscape is reflected in the myriad siding materials we offer. Whether you’re seeking the modern elegance of Fiber Cement Siding, the rustic charm of Traditional Materials like Cedar, Stucco, Stone & Masonry, or anything in between, our catalog promises a match. We’re partnered with industry giants such as James Hardie Siding, Wood Tone, Nichiha, Allura, LP Siding, Diamond Kote Siding, Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Allu Plank to bring Breckenridge residents nothing short of the best.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is the modern homeowner’s dream. Balancing durability with aesthetic finesse, it’s a choice that promises to stand the test of time. Its benefits are manifold, from withstanding Breckenridge’s diverse climate to offering an extensive palette of design options. Brands like James Hardie, Allura, GAF, Nichiha, Woodtone, and Finex grace our collection, each bringing distinct advantages, whether it’s in texture variety, color longevity, or eco-friendliness.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding isn’t just a product; it’s a revolution in siding technology. Rooted in durability, it resists fires, pests, and the elements, ensuring homes remain pristine. Its ColorPlus technology locks in vibrancy, ensuring colors don’t fade with time. Beyond these, James Hardie offers a plethora of products, from the Hardie Plank lap siding, an all-time classic, to the Hardie Soffit, ensuring every home corner shines. Their premium collections, be it Aspyre or the Hardie Architectural Collection, redefine luxury in siding.

Engineered Wood Siding

For those drawn to wood’s timeless charm but deterred by its maintenance demands, engineered wood siding emerges as the perfect solution. It offers the aesthetics of traditional wood, but with enhanced durability, often at a fraction of fiber cement’s cost. With options like LP Siding and Diamond Kote, Breckenridge residents can enjoy the best of both worlds. These brands assure beauty without compromise, promising resistance to weather changes and aging.

LP Siding

In the ever-evolving world of home exteriors, LP SmartSide engineered wood siding shines brilliantly. It’s a choice that not only promises durability but exudes timeless beauty, making Breckenridge homes stand out with grace. Thanks to its superior hail resistance, Breckenridge homeowners can have peace of mind even when nature showcases its power. In addition to being durable, LP Siding requires minimal maintenance, making it a favorite among homeowners who value both aesthetics and practicality. What sets LP Siding apart is its SmartGuard treatment, a technological marvel that fortifies the siding against external challenges. For Breckenridge residents familiar with changing weather patterns, it’s comforting to know that LP Siding can brave winds of up to 200 mph and resist sizable hailstones of up to 1.75 inches in diameter. Our portfolio at Siding Colorado brims with LP Siding offerings, ensuring that homeowners have a plethora of choices. From the elegance of LP lap siding to the finesse of soffit, we’ve got it all. Plus, the assurance of LP® SmartSide®’s formidable 5/50-year limited warranty is the icing on the cake.

Diamond Kote Siding

Imagine a home exterior solution that not only looks stellar but also acts as a long-term financial investment. Diamond Kote siding is precisely that. Over a 30-year span, while traditional repainting might burden homeowners with a whopping $41k expense, Diamond Kote, with its lasting finish, proves economical at just $23.5k. Its prowess lies in its fade-resistant advanced paint technology. By harnessing metal oxide colorants derived from rocks, Diamond Kote ensures Breckenridge homes retain their sheen year after year. The additional benefits of being dirt-repellent, scratch-resistant, and effortless to clean make Diamond Kote a go-to for those desiring a pristine home exterior with minimal upkeep. Its impressive 30-year no fade warranty further amplifies its desirability. Moreover, the foundation of Diamond Kote is the proven LP SmartSide, merging robust durability with sheer beauty.

Steel & Metal Siding

For homeowners in Breckenridge who prioritize endurance without compromising on elegance, metal & steel siding is the answer. With stalwarts like Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Alluplank leading the charge, these materials epitomize strength and style. Especially tailored for Breckenridge’s diverse climate, they promise lasting beauty with minimal wear and tear. Although pricing varies, investing in metal & steel siding translates to years of visual appeal and structural integrity.

Longboard Metal Siding

For those who appreciate the sleek allure of metal, Longboard Metal Siding is a prime pick. Every product line, curated with precision, ensures Breckenridge homes radiate a sophisticated vibe while being shielded by robust metal.

Alluplank Metal Siding

Alluplank, an embodiment of modernity and might, offers Breckenridge homeowners a unique fusion of strength and style. With diverse product lines, each Breckenridge residence can flaunt its distinct personality.

Traditional Material Siding

The allure of wood siding is timeless, with each type offering a unique blend of warmth and character. Our modern stucco siding panels from James Hardie provide a refreshing alternative to traditional stucco, capturing its charm without the typical vulnerabilities. The majestic appeal of stone siding can transform any Breckenridge home into an architectural masterpiece. These traditional materials, while exuding luxury, cater to a range of budgets, ensuring every homeowner finds their perfect match.

Cedar Siding

There’s something intrinsically captivating about cedar siding. Its natural grains, textures, and hues make Breckenridge homes look enchanting. When maintained with care, cedar siding can look pristine for years, a testament to its durability. A natural resistor of pests and moisture, cedar siding is ideal for Breckenridge’s varied climate. Moreover, its insulation properties are unparalleled, ensuring homes stay cozy in winters and cool in summers. While cedar siding might come at a premium, its longevity, aesthetics, and performance make it a value-packed investment.

Stucco Siding

Stucco siding isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; its insulating properties deliver commendable energy efficiency benefits for Breckenridge homeowners. At Siding Colorado, our advanced stucco siding panels are crafted with a keen eye on durability. Dive into a world of vibrant colors, allowing homeowners in Breckenridge to express their unique style. While stucco siding might come at a premium, its longevity and energy savings make it a valuable long-term investment.

Stone & Masonry for Breckenridge

Stone sidings have graced homes and structures for centuries, a nod to their timeless charm and resilience. We offer a plethora of masonry sidings: regal limestone, sturdy granite, rustic slate, and classic brick. The versatility extends further with options like veneers and faux stone, allowing Breckenridge residents a wide design latitude. Besides their undeniable allure, stone and masonry sidings are fire-resistant and demand minimal maintenance, ensuring lasting beauty.

Features & Benefits

At the heart of our offerings is a promise of quality and efficiency. With sidings that require low maintenance, boost energy efficiency, and withstand challenges like hail, we cater to diverse needs. Given Breckenridge’s unique climate, we guide homeowners to sidings that best match regional requirements.

Low Maintenance Siding

Breckenridge homeowners, rejoice in the simplicity of our low-maintenance siding options. Ranging from robust fiber cement, versatile engineered wood to sleek metal siding, we ensure beauty without constant upkeep.

Energy Efficient Siding

Our energy-efficient siding options serve dual purposes: enhancing curb appeal and reducing energy bills. Whether it’s the natural insulation of wood, the strength of fiber cement, or the elegance of stone, Breckenridge homes not only look good but also feel comfortable year-round.

Hail Resistance Siding

Hail is no stranger to Breckenridge, with reports even showcasing hailstones of 1.25 inches. That’s why our LP SmartSide siding is a game-changer, crafted specifically to withstand such challenges, ensuring lasting beauty despite nature’s whims.

Long Lasting Siding

Longevity is paramount for homeowners. We pride ourselves on providing siding options that stand the test of time. Brands within our repertoire are selected based on their track record of durability, promising Breckenridge homes that their exteriors remain pristine for years.

Siding Colors

Colors breathe life into homes, and at Siding Colorado, we understand that. Our range encompasses everything from calming neutrals, earthy tones, to vibrant warm and cool hues. We invite Breckenridge homeowners to explore our gallery page, drawing inspiration and visualizing their dream exteriors.

LP Siding’s Vibrant Palette

Introducing the unparalleled beauty of LP SmartSide’s engineered wood siding. This choice is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the blend of ExpertFinish acrylic latex paint’s brilliance and construction robustness. With a palette boasting numerous vibrant shades, Breckenridge homeowners are spoilt for choice. These colors defy time, resisting fading, chalking, and streaking. LP SmartSide promises the dual benefit of enduring beauty and minimal upkeep.

The Timeless Allure of Diamond Kote

Elevate your Breckenridge home with Diamond Kote, the pinnacle of prefinished siding. With an array of color offerings, each shade is meticulously curated to resist fading. But it’s not just about colors; it’s about the fusion of advanced acrylic resin coatings with potent metal-oxide pigments. For Breckenridge homeowners discerning design from durability, Diamond Kote stands unmatched.

James Hardie Siding Colors

At Siding Colorado, we take pride in offering a full spectrum of James Hardie Siding colors, ensuring every Breckenridge home radiates unique charm. James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology is revolutionary, embedding color deep into the siding, ensuring vibrancy, and long-lasting finish resistant to common wear and tear.

Siding Styles

Every Breckenridge home tells a story, and we, at Siding Colorado, enable that with our wide array of siding styles. From modern to traditional, our vast selection ensures full customization, turning visions into realities.

Lap Siding

For those seeking a seamless blend of traditional aesthetics with modern resilience, lap siding is the answer. Siding Colorado offers an exhaustive selection, ensuring every Breckenridge home reflects individuality.

Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding, with its vertical lines and pronounced shadows, adds depth and dimension. At Siding Colorado, we provide a complete selection, ensuring Breckenridge homes stand tall and distinguished.

Stucco Panel Siding

Reinvent the timeless appeal of stucco with our modern stucco siding panels. Meticulously designed, these panels confer Breckenridge homes with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity.

Modern Siding Styles

Breckenridge, a gem of Colorado, embodies a mix of traditional charm and modern aesthetics. Matching this spirit, our modern sidings cater to homes that aim for a contemporary appeal. Breckenridge homeowners can select from Woodtone, which merges durability with style, Trespa exterior panels known for their versatility, and Alside, which exemplifies modern craftsmanship. Modern doesn’t mean transient; our siding options promise lasting beauty and functional protection against the elements.

Replacement Siding Breckenridge

Siding isn’t just the skin of a home; it’s its armor. Over time, even the toughest armor shows wear. Faded colors, warping, cracks, or bubbles are indicators that it’s time for replacement, especially in Breckenridge’s diverse climate. Although most sidings have a life expectancy of 20-30 years, environmental factors can hasten this. Our expert team ensures that replacement isn’t just about new siding but rejuvenating the home’s entire aura, aligning with Breckenridge’s dynamic vibe.

Siding Repair Breckenridge

Timely repair is often the stitch that saves nine. For Breckenridge homes, issues like peeling paint, mold growth, or even a sudden spike in energy bills could suggest siding distress. Our repair services are comprehensive, addressing even the minutest concerns. Every repaired siding is a testament to our commitment to restoring beauty and functionality.


We were more than satisfied with the crew. They were wonderful and everything they did was done very professionally. We love, love, love, our siding now. We would definitely go back to Scottish Home Improvements again. I was most satisfied with the attention to fine details. I would like to recognize our salesman Riggo Malara, he was fantastic. He was very professional and responsive to our needs. Everything has been great. I would like to recognize Mario, and his team.

Richard & Kathy Swedberg
February 25, 2023

The quality of the workmanship, materials used, and the construction crew were all excellent. I was most satisfied with the quality of the work and materials used. The installers very courteous and they keep the work area very clean. Scottish Home Improvements provided excellent communication. I would like to recognize the salesperson, project manager, and the chief of the installation crew. The installers were all really great and worked as a good team. They were very efficient.

Maurine & Nafi Onat
February 17, 2023

I was really impressed with how they coordinated with my window people. We have done a lot of renovations at our house over the last three years. The siding was one of the better experiences we had. They were on time and told me when they would be here. They were just awesome. We will be using your company again. I was most satisfied with the work, the overall timing, and the communication.

Dawn Watter
August 7, 2021

Siding Maintenance & Care

A little care goes a long way, especially for sidings. In Breckenridge, where every season paints a different picture, siding maintenance becomes pivotal. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, using the right cleaners, and periodic checks ensure sidings remain vibrant, durable, and protective. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring the home remains a safe haven.

Alternatives to Siding Replacement

Sometimes, a full re-siding might seem overwhelming. In such cases, alternatives like exterior painting or targeted repairs can refresh the home’s look. Especially in Breckenridge, where every home resonates with stories, these alternatives ensure that the narrative continues with minimal interruptions.

Alternatives to Hardwood Siding

Traditional sidings like vinyl might not stand strong against Colorado’s diverse climate. But fret not, Breckenridge homeowners have robust alternatives. Fiber cement and engineered wood offer resilience without compromising on beauty. And for the avant-garde Breckenridge homes, our Trespa panels offer a modern, chic appearance without sidelining durability.

Siding Pricing/Costs

Investing in siding is investing in the home’s future. While costs in Breckenridge may vary, our transparent pricing ensures homeowners are aware of every penny spent. On average, siding installation costs range from $12-15 per square foot. However, additional aspects like city permits from Breckenridge, extended warranties, and other services might influence the final budget.

Exterior Painting

A splash of paint can redefine aesthetics. Exterior painting can provide a fresh appeal, but sometimes deeper issues might necessitate more than a coat of paint. Especially in Breckenridge, where homes face diverse weather, it’s crucial to discern when a repaint is enough or when siding replacement becomes inevitable.

Work With Breckenridge’s Trusted Siding Contractor

Navigating the maze of siding choices can be daunting. But with Siding Colorado, Breckenridge homeowners find a trusted partner. Serving areas from Downtown Breckenridge to Blue River, our legacy is etched in every home we’ve transformed. Whether it’s a query, a need for consultation, or a quote, we’re here, ready to assist.