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James Hardie®: Durability Colorado Homeowners Can Count On

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you seek shelter by going inside and retreating to the comfort of your home. Meanwhile, your exterior is exposed to the harsh temperature changes and conditions going on outside. You need siding that can weather the storm and there’s truly no better option for Colorado homes than James Hardie® fiber cement.

All siding is designed to be at least semi-weather resistant, but some materials degrade faster than others in climates with extreme weather. Unfortunately, this is the case for Colorado, where all types of weather are present throughout the year and sometimes all four seasons can be experienced in one week. The transition from hot to cold, freezing to thawing, and dry to wet presents challenging circumstances, making durability a crucial factor for siding selection.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding offers Colorado homeowners peace of mind and exterior protection that lasts over the years. Siding Colorado is honored to offer this premium brand to homeowners located throughout the state, from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, Denver to Fort Collins, and beyond.

James Hardie® Is Designed to Last in Colorado's Climate

One major matter of importance that siding manufacturers overlook is that climate conditions vary widely across the United States. They build siding that they think is durable, but don’t realize that what matters for one region may not be the same as another that’s located on the other side of of the country. For example, while rain and humidity may be of monumental importance in some areas, snow and hail may be the bigger concern for others.

The engineers at James Hardie® have taken steps to address this issue by creating the HardieZone System. Through weather mapping and data collection, they’ve been able to create a portfolio of siding products that are customized based on climate and region, and built to last in based on each area’s unique weather conditions. Colorado’s HardieZone is HZ5, which is built for regions that experience extreme temperature variations and are at high risk for moisture damage.

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Moisture & Freeze Resistant

James Hardie® HZ5 is specially designed to endure the challenges brought on by damp, freezing conditions. Moisture resistance is crucial for homes in Colorado considering the amount of snowfall that our state experiences each year, which ranges from 60″ to 100″. If moisture seeps inside, it can cause siding to swell, crack, lose paint, and even begin to rot over time.

HZ5 is formulated with raw materials and proprietary additives that reduce the risk of moisture intrusion, so homes stay protected no matter if it’s raining, sleeting, or snowing outside. Intelligent design and beauty go hand in hand with this progressive siding brand.

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UV & Fade Protection

James Hardie® HZ5 is built with the fact in mind that temperatures change widely throughout the year in Colorado, so heat is just as much of a concern as snow and moisture. When exposed to intense heat and sunlight, some siding materials have a tendency to warp, crack, or fade. Over time, this can result in major damage as well as visible signs of wear that detract from your home’s beauty.

James Hardie® designs their fiber cement siding to be heat and UV resistant. Using their very own ColorPlus technology, they manufacture their siding in a way that allows colors to last over the years and withstand constant UV exposure. Even in Colorado’s altitude, UV radiation is no concern for this ultra durable, weather-proof siding.

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Pest, Fire & Impact Resistant

Seasonal changes aren’t the only factor that Colorado homeowners have to consider when it comes to siding durability. Termites, wildlife, forest fires, and hail can cause costly and irreversible damage to exterior facades. With James Hardie®, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for the worst, no matter what life throws at you. 

While wood and vinyl degrade quickly in the presence of intense heat or flames, fiber cement is actually quite durable. James Hardie® fiber cement siding is made from non-combustible materials for maximum fire resistance and peace of mind.

Even hail storms, woodpeckers, and insects become of little to no concern once you have James Hardie® installed for your Colorado home. While other siding options may buckle or develop dents during a hail storm, James Hardie siding’s tough, rigid composition allows it to endure the extreme conditions and impact. And because it’s made of such sturdy materials, you won’t have to worry about birds or termites penetrating your exterior either.

james hardie siding colorado

Install Durable James Hardie Siding for Your Colorado Home

Make an investment that will last your home a lifetime and bring your family years of joy. Choose siding that you can count on to hold up in Colorado’s weather and provide you with the return on investment that you desire. Call Colorado Siding today to have James Hardie Siding installed for your Colorado home or business.