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James Hardie® for Colorado Homes: ColorPlus Technology

Experience color in a whole new way with James Hardie®. James Hardie® siding offers Colorado homeowners the unbeatable durability of fiber cement made beautiful with vibrant, eye-catching colors that last a lifetime. Using ColorPlus® technology, James Hardie has been able to produce beautiful finishes that do not crack, chip, or fade over time, keeping exteriors looking as new and glamorous as day one. Not only will get you siding that’s been specially designed to resist fading from ultraviolet radiation, but you’ll also get beautiful, designer-curated colors that make your home look stunning. Year after year, these colors will withstand the test of time and make your home look better than the rest!

james hardie siding colorplus colorado

James Hardie® ColorPlus® Technology: Process

When you decide to install James Hardie® siding for your Colorado home, you’ll get the choice of choosing between a  primed for paint option or a pre-finished option made with ColorPlus® Technology. ColorPlus® Technology is James Hardie’s ingenious way of delivering colors that last and look beautiful for a lifetime. Their property process ensures that colors will not fade, chip, or lose their vibrancy, saving homeowners precious dollars in repainting costs.

Here’s how the process works!:

Step 1: James Hardie® fiber cement siding is treated with ColorPlus technology in a controlled factory setting. The advanced design and composition of this proprietary finish ensures perfect adhesion and zero debris, resulting in reduced maintenance.

Step 2: Multiple coats of the proprietary finish are applied to the siding. However, instead of allowing it to air dry and set, the colors are baked on. This allows for a stronger bond to develop between the finish and the surface of the siding. This way, the color won’t peel, splinter, or crack over time the way that ordinary paint does.

Step 3: Once the finish has been applied and cured multiple times, the process is complete. Now, the colors are protected from ultraviolet radiation and will not fade in the sun.

james hardie siding colorplus technology colorado

Expertly Curated Colors for a Beautiful, Designer Look

Ever checked out the paint section in the hardware store? If so, you know how overwhelming it can be. There are literally thousands of different colors you can choose for your home. Going through them all is time-consuming and tedious. To simplify the process, James Hardie has narrowed down their color selection to a handful of options, each of which has been hand-selected for its distinct beauty.

Each James Hardie siding color has been masterfully curated by a team of talented color experts. These colors have been picked not only because they’re up to date with current trends, but also because they’ll make a beautiful accompaniment to any home, no matters the age, style, or size.

Also, with ColorPlus Technology, you’ll get a more even, consistent appearance. Because these finishes have been specifically designed for James Hardie siding, they can be applied perfectly to ensure consistent coverage. All siding is treated in a factory-controlled environment to guarantee absolute perfection and color that lasts.

james hardie siding colorado colorplus technology

Brighten Up Your World with Our Exclusive James Hardie Siding Colors

Is your exterior overdue for an update? This time, invest in colors that will last and make your home look stunning. James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology offers unbeatable results and colors that look continually beautiful year after year. Call Siding Colorado today to get a quote on James Hardie siding for your Colorado home.