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Fiber Cement Siding for Colorado Homes & Buildings

Homes in Colorado are exposed to extreme weather conditions all year round, from raging snowstorms and hail to scorching summer temps. Home exteriors need durable protection in order to last and keep critical structural components within out of harm’s reach. That’s what makes fiber cement siding for Colorado homes a smart investment.

Beautiful, durable, and weather-resistant, fiber cement is everything that you can expect from a premium siding material. Natural fibers give this siding its rich, varied texture and alluring wood-like appearance while durable elements like sand and cement ensure lasting results. Whether you’re residing an apartment building or commercial property or even your very own home, fiber cement is an excellent choice.

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

When choosing fiber cement siding for your Colorado home, there are a number of factors to consider beyond aesthetics. A good warranty, strong reputation, durability, and weather-resistance are also important. That’s why we recommend James Hardie siding for Colorado homes.

James Hardie is the number one choice for fiber cement siding in North America and has an outstanding reputation of manufacturing high quality home materials. Their fiber cement siding is as beautiful as it is durable and is fire, rot, hail, and pest resistant. All of their siding comes with a 30-year non-prorated limited warranty and all trim is backed by a 15-year non-prorated limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind for your investment.

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Additional Fiber Cement Siding Brands

In addition to James Hardie, we also offer a number of other premium siding brands for our customers to choose from. Explore endless options for your siding colors, style, trim, and accents to create the perfect look for your home! Here are some of the additional fiber cement siding brands we install on Colorado homes:

  • Allura
  • GAF
  • Nichiha
  • Woodtone
  • Finex
  • Many others
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Protect Your Home with Fiber Cement Siding

Our siding experts are ready to bring your dream home to life! We’ll walk you through the entire process of residing your home, from the initial design to the day of installation and even provide instructions for aftercare. When you choose us, you’ll get access to all of the leading brands of fiber cement siding for your Colorado home as well as the assistance of a team of experts that are prepared to help with all of your siding needs. Call today to begin exploring your options!