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Diamond Kote® for Colorado Homes: Color Technology

One question that homeowners always have when they’re revamping their exterior is, “How long will my new siding last?” When calculating the life expectancy of a siding product, you not only have to consider what materials it’s made of, but also the longevity of the paint or finish. You may not have to repaint your home every year, but even if you have to do it only every five to seven years, the costs add up. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a superior siding option like Diamond Kote.

With Diamond Kote, Colorado homeowners save tons of money on maintenance costs because the colors last ten times longer than the average exterior paint. Diamond Kote uses a special formulated finish that makes colors last longer and stay vibrant for an extended period of time. Instead of having to repaint every five to ten years, homeowners need not worry about touching up their siding for at least forty years or longer. And as added reassurance, you’ll get a 30 year no fade warranty to help your home stay looking it’s best for years after the initial installation.

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Advanced Paint Technology Keeps Colors Bold & Vibrant

Diamond Kote uses a superior manufacturing process to ensure the longevity of their siding. While other brands may chip, flake, or peel over time, Diamond Kote will not.

Metal oxide colorants are extracted from real rock which has been hand selected for its vibrancy and beauty. These pigments are used as part of a proprietary formula that’s designed to preserve luster, shine, and hue over time. Then, in a clean, indoor setting, robotic sprayers are used to apply the finish evenly across every board and panel. This produces a beautiful, consistent coating that’s resistant to scratching and uv rays.

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A Durable, Low Maintenance Option for Colorado Homes

Diamond Kote is built on LP SmartSide, which is a low maintenance material made from engineered wood. While real wood is quite difficult to maintain, engineered wood requires barely effort at all except for occasional cleaning.

On top of this, Diamond Kote is treated with an advanced formulated finish that prevents moisture, grime, and dirt from building up and getting trapped in the surface. When viewed under 40x magnification, it’s easy to see that other siding brands are porous, whereas Diamond Kote is not.

Diamond Kote also exceeds the industry standard for paint adhesion, further proving its remarkable durability and longevity.

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Experience Beautiful Results that Last a Lifetime

Choose siding that provides your home with lasting color, beauty, and incredible results. Call Siding Colorado today to get more information on Diamond Kote siding or receive an estimate on siding replacement for your home.