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Diamond Kote for Colorado Homes

Alluring, elegant, and tenacious enough to stand the test of time – Diamond Kote Siding is a smart investment for any Colorado home. This luxurious siding brand is everything that a premium home product should be and outlasts all competitors. What’s more, Diamond Kote homeowners end up spending $22,000 less on average than those who invest in repainting over the lifetime of a home.

At Siding Colorado, we are honored to offer our customers this exclusive option for exterior improvement. Whether you’re planning the construction of a new home or are thinking towards the future and are considering residing, Diamond Kote is an exquisite choice.

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Diamond Kote Paint Technology

Diamond Kote colors are sourced directly from nature and are derived from natural stone. Experts at Diamond Kote search the world for the most vibrant and eye catching stone they can find. Then, using their proprietary technology, Diamond Kote extracts the purest metal oxide from their stone collection. These naturally made pigments are used during the formulation process and help ensure lasting, vibrant colors that are impervious to the elements.

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Diamond Kote: Tough & Weather Resistant

Colorado experiences all four seasons, which means your home goes through cycles of being subjected to heat, sun, rain, hail, frost, and snow. While siding is designed to protect your home from weather, there’s only so much beating that man-made materials can take. Diamond Kote is different because it more closely resembles the natural materials found outside and is therefore better suited for the elements. The siding itself is much less porous than other materials and the pigments are derived from stone, which means they are naturally fade resistant.

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A Smart Investment with Superior Savings

The durable nature of Diamond Kote makes it a better long term investment for your home. While other options may be more affordable upfront, the repainting and upkeep involved ends up making them more costly in the long run. Diamond Kote, on the other hand, requires no repainting during its entire lifetime. On average, customers who invest in Diamond Kote end up spending about $18,000 on their siding whereas those who choose a lower quality option end up spending $40,000 after all the costs from repainting are added up.

Inspiration From Diamond Kote Color Studio

Diamond Kote products are some of the most cutting-edge in the industry.  With a built on pre-finish and gorgeous color palettes, this siding should be a consideration for your Front Range home. Their inspiration series showcases some of the most lovely options available to you.  But, if you want to build a beautiful color palette on your own that expresses your personal style–Diamond Kote makes that easy too.  If you would like, Siding Colorado can design something just for you that reflects your home’s unique charm. Diamond Kote’s color studio showcases four combo palettes that will inspire you and give you tons of brilliant ideas for your home’s new siding colors.

  1. Naturalist: Earth-toned colors are central to this series, perfect for those who draw inspiration from the outdoors.
  2. Dreamer: Light, airy blues and grays were used to inspire this calming color palette.
  3. Adventurer: Bold with a natural appearance in blues, greens, and brown all balanced with calming neutrals.
  4. Minimalist: A one-of-a-kind take on neutral tones mixed with warm, natural undertones to frame clean lines.

Superior Performance

Starting with one of the highest-quality formulated finishes, Diamond Kote® prefinish is an excellent choice for siding homes here in Colorado.   An advanced paint technology, it utilizes pure metal oxide colorants from rocks makes for stunning natural colors.  Because these natural raw pigments don’t fade over time and aren’t as susceptible to the damage caused by the high UV index we have here at a Milehigh.  That’s right even here under the intense Colorado sun, Diamond Kote will keep your home siding color vibrant and protected from destructive Ultraviolet rays.  Moreover, LP Diamond Kote gives your siding a long-lasting, scratch-resistant finish.  One that will defend against the sometimes severe weather we get here in Colorado.  Even when faced with wind and hail Diamond Kote is the key to your withstanding the inclement weather and stays looking beautiful. In fact, Diamond Kote passes and even excels in paint adhesion testing with a rating of ASTM D3359-09.

Superior Manufacturing

Diamond Kote’s cutting-edge automated process for painting pre-finished siding includes robotic sprayers for total coverage, advanced finish ingredients, and a dust-free indoor environment.  This type of quality can not be achieved on a job site.  This one of a kind process creates a higher quality, more consistent siding product. Designed to stand the test of time and give the ultimate protection to homes in places with inclement weather, like Colorado.  Making Diamond Kote, with a durable and scratch-resistant finish, a smart choice for this area.   Because this prefinish is non-porous, it blocks dirt and moisture that causes other finishes to fail. Stay free from peeling, chalking, or fading with Diamond Kote’s superior color adhesion.

Custom Design Consultations

Here at Siding Colorado, we are proud of the wide array of siding solutions we provide to our valued customers.  We also take pride in the design services we offer here as well.  We are committed to leaving you thrilled with the results of such a big investment like new siding.  The way we ensure such high-quality is by utilizing a cutting-edge computer-aided design software called Renoworks Pro.  This high-tech siding design tool allows us to offer home and business owners a stunningly rendered design of your home siding final design prior to installation. It is an amazing visualization tool and allows us to give the very best siding experience to our Front Range client base. Before we even get to your property for the siding install–you will be confident that your home/building is going to come out as exactly as you envisioned.  Our friendly, talented designers, with an eye for color, will efficiently guide you through choosing the perfect siding combinations for your siding, trim, facia, and soffit.  You can be sure our excellent service begins with your first design consultation and through our final punch list and beyond.

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