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Diamond Kote® for Colorado Homes: Value & Warranty

Colorado’s weather and climate must be carefully considered when choosing new siding. A single hail storm can put dozens of two inch dents in the side of your home. And UV rays, which are stronger at altitude, will cause paint to lose its color quickly. Weatherability is a must, and Diamond Kote checks all the right boxes.

Diamond Kote Siding offers Colorado homeowners a tough, fade resistant exterior option that looks beautiful and lasts. Built on LP SmartSide, Diamond Kote is designed to be ultra strong and weather resistant. And if things take a turn for the worse, you’ll have its industry leading warranty to count on as back up. For superior results and lasting beauty, choose Diamond Kote.

diamond kote siding colorado

Diamond Kote® Fade & Impact Resistance

Smart engineering meets beautiful design with Diamond Kote. Diamond Kote Siding is specially designed to perform in extreme weather conditions and has been repeatedly tested for its strength and rigidity. Built on LP SmartSide, it’s one of the toughest siding brands available on the market today. Hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter, 200 mph winds, and even baseballs traveling at 77 mph are no problem for this resilient, durable siding.

If your home is located at a higher altitude, as most Colorado homes are, then Diamond Kote is a great investment. Diamond Kote’s advanced paint technology keeps colors from fading and losing their vibrant hue. This means that you won’t have to repaint your siding for years, which will save you money in the long run. In fact, on average, Diamond Kote customers spend only $18k over 50 years whereas homeowners who buy other brands that have to be repainted end up spending around $40k over the same period of time.

diamond kote colorado

Diamond Kote® Warranty

Siding has a tremendous impact on the appearance of a home, but it also plays a crucial role in protecting it from the elements. If damage occurs, water, insects, or microorganisms can infiltrate the exterior and cause structural damage. That’s why having a good warranty is so important. In case anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to have your siding replaced or repaired quickly. Diamond Kote’s industry leading warranties provide Colorado homeowners like you with the peace of mind you need and the value you deserve for your investment.

30-Year No Fade Warranty

Gain the confidence of knowing that your siding will stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come. Diamond Kote comes with a 30-year no fade warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your siding peeling, chipping, fading, or chalking in the future.

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Siding System Warranty

Cracked, warped, or hail damaged panels can be expensive to replace. But thanks to Diamond Kote’s 5/50 year siding system warranty, you don’t have to worry. Diamond Kote will keep your home and family protected for years to come.

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Get Lasting Value & Lifetime Protection

Get beautiful, high performance siding that you can count on to last. Invest in Diamond Kote siding for your Colorado home. Call our office today to get a quote or receive more information on Diamond Kote products.