Trespa Exterior Panels for Colorado Commercial Properties

Commercial properties require a highly durable product that delivers low maintenance requirements while presenting a high-quality look for attracting new clients, improving tenant retention, and much more. For Colorado property owners looking for a modern solution, Trespa offers the premium wall panels that you need for your upcoming project. Siding Colorado is honored to be the leading Trespa siding contractor serving the Denver metro area.

Trespa Exterior Panels for Denver Commercial Properties

Trespa Meteon wall panels deliver in premium aesthetics, offering endless creative design opportunities with various colors, rhythms, and depths. These decorative high-pressure compact laminate panels have an integral surface that’s manufactured using proprietary technology. Trespa architectural panels are a blend of up to 70% natural fibers and thermosetting resins which are manufactured under high pressure and temperature in order to deliver a highly stable, dense architectural cladding with solid strength to weight ratio. Commercial properties can utilize this for exterior cladding as well as rainscreens.

Trespa Cladding for Denver Residential Properties

These revolutionary low-maintenance wall panels are easy to clean and practically withstand dirt accumulation. The high-impact and scratch-resistant material is now available for residential properties as well. Both homes and businesses throughout the state of Colorado can transform their buildings with these architectural solutions. The fade-resistant color performs exceptionally under UV radiation and rainfall, providing a beautiful curb appeal for years to come.

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