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Diamond Kote® for Colorado Homes: Color Collections

Color is what makes our world beautiful. It provides us with a way to express ourselves, affect those around us, and create a look that speaks to our heart and soul.

Siding Colorado is pleased to offer Diamond Kote’s comprehensive line of Color Collections. Choose the colors that you feel represent your home and family the best. Or use a combination of different hues to bring out your home’s best features. No matter which route you take, you can rest assured that the colors you choose will last a lifetime and make your home look stunning.

diamond kote earth elements colorado

Diamond Kote® Earth Elements

Celebrate the beauty of nature. Diamond Kote’s Earth Elements color palette offers a way to bring the rich beauty of Colorado’s natural landscape straight to your door. Feel calm, grounded, and at ease with these warm, rejuvenating colors.

diamond kote color collections earth elements

Diamond Kote® Vivid Refresh

Make a statement with these bold, modern colors. Vivid Refresh is designed to provide distinct style and an elevated curb appeal.

diamond kote color collections vivid refresh

diamond kote traditional charm

Diamond Kote® Traditional Charm

Create a clean, classic look for your exterior. The Traditional Charm color palette features a beautiful array of neutral shades and traditional colors that will add timeless beauty to any home.

diamond kote color collections traditional charm

diamond kote duoblend premium

Diamond Kote® DuoBlend Premium

Create a natural, rustic look for your exterior. The DuoBlend Premium color palette features an array of colors inspired by the enchanting beauty of the outdoors.

diamond kote color collections duoblend premium

diamond kote coastal breeze

Diamond Kote® Coastal Breeze

Experience that calm, peaceful feeling you get at the beach without ever having to leave home. With the Coastal Breeze color palette, you can create a look that invokes feelings of tranquility, cleanliness, and relaxation.

diamond kote color collections coastal breeze

Add Color to Your World with Diamond Kote®

The team at Siding Color is eager to help with your upcoming home improvement project! Let us help you create the perfect look for your Colorado home with Diamond Kote. Call our office today to begin exploring siding colors or get an estimate on residing your home.