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Nestled among the picturesque vistas of Loveland, Siding Colorado stands tall as the premier siding company. Since our establishment in 2005, we’ve become the go-to siding installer for those in need of new siding or revamps to their current exterior. Our experience, spanning nearly two decades, ensures Loveland homeowners get reliable and unmatched service. Whether it’s the vintage charm of Downtown or the modern aesthetics of West Steamboat, our footprint graces many a Loveland neighborhood, from Fish Creek Falls to Wildhorse Meadows. Choose us and let your home mirror the beauty of Loveland itself.

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Residential Siding Experts in Loveland

At the foothills of Rocky Mountains, Loveland homes deserve a siding solution that complements their innate beauty. Our expertise offers house siding that not only amplifies the charm of these residences but also stands strong against the test of time. Whether you’re looking for siding repair, a complete overhaul, or contemplating the perfect siding for your house nestled by the mesmerizing Boyd Lake, our team is here to guide you.

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Commercial Siding Experts in Loveland

For the bustling businesses of Loveland, our commercial siding services are second to none. With solutions ranging from dynamic cladding, contemporary siding panels, to modern exterior wall panels, we cater to the varied demands of Loveland’s commercial sector. With Siding Colorado, you get aesthetic appeal matched with long-lasting resilience.

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Multi-Family Siding Professionals in Loveland

From cozy condos in Elk River to sprawling apartment complexes in Downtown, our solutions cater to all. Multi-family residences, with their unique challenges, find their perfect match with our specialized apartment siding services. Tailored, efficient, and stylish – that’s the Siding Colorado promise.

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Siding Materials

For Loveland’s diverse architectural landscape, our extensive range of house siding materials offers something for everyone. From quaint cottages to modern mansions, our curated list of types of siding ensures every home gets its perfect match:

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Cedar siding choice for Loveland homes with efficient craftsmanship

Fiber Cement Siding

A fusion of beauty and robustness, fiber cement siding is fast becoming a Loveland favorite. Known also as cement fiber siding or cement board siding, its unique composition promises longevity and aesthetic appeal. Brands like James Hardie, Allura, and Woodtone are popular choices, enhancing Loveland homes with unmatched strength.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is a name synonymous with durability and elegance in the siding realm. Their Hardie board siding, or more famously known as James Hardie fiber cement siding, offers homes the protection and beauty they deserve. With properties like fire resistance and pest resistance, paired with the signature ColorPlus technology, Loveland homes have never looked better.

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Engineered Wood Siding

A modern take on a classic, engineered wood siding is perfect for those seeking a blend of tradition and innovation. From the rustic charm of shiplap siding, the timeless beauty of clapboard siding, to the resilience of composite siding, brands like LP Siding and Diamond Kote have revolutionized the way Loveland homes appear and endure.

LP Siding

The beauty of LP SmartSide engineered wood siding, often referred to as LP Smart Siding or LP Smartside Siding, is not just skin deep. This cutting-edge siding marries durability with aesthetics, setting a new benchmark for modern siding solutions. It boasts hail resistance, ensuring Loveland homes remain pristine even during the harshest weather. As an alternative to traditional wood and cedar, its minimal upkeep and durability make LP Siding a popular choice.

Treated with the innovative SmartGuard process, LP Siding fortifies every wood piece against decay, termites, and weather extremes. It confidently withstands winds up to 200 mph and hail measuring 1.75 inches in diameter. Our LP product range, including lap siding, shakes, trim, fascia, vertical siding, and soffit, offers designs to suit all tastes. And it’s all backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty.

Diamond Kote Siding

Why repaint every few years? Over 30 years, repainting can cost homeowners up to $41k. With Diamond Kote, enjoy a lasting finish for just $23.5k. This advanced technology, fade-resistant paint utilizes metal oxide colorants from rocks. Its range of diamond kote siding colors is both impressive and enduring. Unlike other paints, Diamond Kote doesn’t trap dirt or moisture, and being built on LP SmartSide, also known as lp diamond kote, its beauty and durability are enhanced. Plus, it’s scratch-resistant and simple to clean.

Diamond Kote offers countless benefits from its unmatched durability to its stunning aesthetic appeal. And its 30-year no fade warranty is a testament to its superior quality.

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Steel & Metal Siding

Step into the future with Steel & Metal Siding, offering unparalleled benefits for your home. Top brands like Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Alluplank are pioneering this niche. Especially suitable for areas experiencing extreme weather conditions, these metal siding panels and steel siding panels are both resilient and visually appealing. Their competitive pricing makes them an attractive option for Loveland homeowners.

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Alside Satinwood Steel Siding

Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, available in a range of Alside Satinwood colors, epitomizes strength and elegance in the siding industry. This siding promises benefits like insulation and low maintenance, hallmarks of steel siding benefits. Their varied product lines provide options that integrate effortlessly with diverse architectural designs, making Loveland homes stand out.

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Longboard Metal Siding

Longboard, recognized for its unique specialization in metal siding, offers exteriors that endure and captivate. Their range, which includes various Longboard siding finishes, caters to those desiring a blend of contemporary design with traditional strength. Dubbed as premium metal siding, it’s fast becoming the go-to for Loveland residents.

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Traditional Material Siding

The allure of classic siding types like wood never fades. Wood siding, a timeless choice, presents numerous variants, from the rustic charm of barnwood to redwood’s refined beauty. While traditional stucco holds its ground, we now offer modern stucco siding panels from James Hardie, merging longevity with style. Stone siding, crafted from natural materials, is synonymous with luxury and enduring allure. These materials not only offer a premium finish but also promise exceptional value to Loveland homeowners.

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Cedar Siding For Loveland

Beyond its stunning appearance, cedar siding, including cedar shake siding and cedar shingle siding, packs a plethora of features. Properly maintained, it showcases unmatched durability. Cedar inherently resists pests and moisture, and its insulation properties often overshadow other materials. For Loveland residents, cedar siding promises a flawless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and value.

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Stucco Siding

Loveland homeowners often choose a stucco exterior to adorn their homes. Our advanced stucco siding panels not only offer the energy efficiency of traditional stucco but also stand firm against time’s tests. Dive into our selection and explore vibrant colors. While stucco might have a higher initial cost, it’s a worthy investment, reducing energy bills and ensuring longevity.

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Stone & Masonry

Stone sidings, echoing timeless beauty, are ever popular in Loveland. We take pride in our stone siding panels, especially stone veneer, which strikes the perfect balance between natural allure and modern convenience. Our range spans from the classical charm of limestone and granite to brick siding and the ruggedness of slate. Stone and masonry not only offer a visual treat but also come with the perks of being low-maintenance and fire-resistant.

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Features & Benefits

Welcome to Siding Colorado, where we blend aesthetic charm with sheer functionality. Explore our house siding options and discover the best fit for your Loveland home. From low-maintenance choices to those that stand tall during hailstorms, we’ve got you covered.

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Low Maintenance Siding

Understanding the preferences of Loveland homeowners, Siding Colorado presents maintenance-free siding. With options like fiber cement, engineered wood, and metal siding, upkeep becomes an afterthought, allowing homeowners to focus on life’s other joys.

Expert stucco siding services for Loveland residents

Energy Efficient Siding

Nothing beats the joy of saving on energy bills, and that’s what our insulated, energy-efficient house siding promises. Whether it’s wood, fiber cement, or stone, we ensure your Loveland home remains comfortable throughout the seasons.

Hail Resistant Siding

Loveland is no stranger to hail, with records of hailstones measuring up to 1.25 inches! But with Siding Colorado, hail damage to siding becomes a lesser concern. We offer options, including the acclaimed LP SmartSide, that resist and defy hail’s fury.

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Long Lasting

Durability is our promise. We’ve curated a collection where longevity is a given. With trusted brands and consistent dedication since 2005, Siding Colorado remains Loveland’s go-to choice.

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Siding Colors

Every Loveland home is unique, and we believe in offering a palette that celebrates this diversity. Dive into our house siding colors, from serene neutrals to bold hues. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery for some exciting siding ideas. Let Siding Colorado, a trusted name since 2005, lead your home’s transformation journey.

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LP Siding’s Vibrant Palette

Immerse yourself in the rich world of LP SmartSide and discover an array of LP Smart Siding colors that redefine standards. Homes in Loveland adorned with these LP SmartSide siding colors not only exude unmatched durability but are also draped in the aesthetic brilliance of ExpertFinish acrylic latex paint. Dive deep into a palette boasting over 30 LP SmartSide siding colors, each resistant to fading, chalking, and streaking. The magic of LP SmartSide? Unwavering beauty with minimal effort.

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The Timeless Allure of Diamond Kote

Introducing Diamond Kote – the gold standard of prefinished siding. Loveland dwellers are spoilt for choice with an impressive array of Diamond Kote colors. Beyond just colors, Diamond Kote LP Siding colors offer unbeatable fade resistance. Diamond Kote’s avant-garde technique marries acrylic resin coatings with metal-oxide pigments, catapulting it to industry leadership. For Loveland’s perfectionists, Diamond Kote is more than siding – it’s an artistic statement.

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James Hardie Siding Colors

At Siding Colorado, we’re ecstatic to provide the full spectrum of James Hardie colors. Especially adored by Loveland homeowners, exterior James Hardie siding colors burst with vibrancy thanks to the advanced ColorPlus Technology. This system ensures hues remain vivacious, resisting Loveland’s climatic challenges.

Innovative wood siding for metropolitan homes

Siding Styles

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Big Thompson River, your Loveland home deserves nothing but the best. At Siding Colorado, we’ve curated an extensive range of house siding options. From shake siding to shingle siding and even vertical siding, our collection ensures every Loveland home, whether perched by Lake Loveland or nestled in Mariana Butte, radiates unmatched elegance.

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Lap Siding

Lap siding, especially the shiplap siding variant, is the epitome of sophistication. Our offering, spanning from wood lap siding to dutch lap siding, ensures Loveland homes blend tradition and modernity seamlessly.

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Shingle Siding

Aiming to infuse a touch of Loveland’s rustic elegance? Look no further than shingle siding. Our offerings, ranging from cedar shingles to wood shingle siding, encapsulate Loveland’s timeless charm. Transform your abode into the house shingles masterpiece it deserves to be.

Stylish cedar siding specialization for urban homes

Board and Batten Siding

Dive into the world of board and batten, a siding style that fuses aesthetic appeal with function. Whether you’re drawn to classic board and batten or modern vertical siding, our batten board options are tailored for Loveland’s diverse architectural landscape.

Metal siding design with a polished rural touch

Stucco Panel Siding

Modern stucco siding panels from Siding Colorado are a blend of age-old tradition and contemporary innovation. Especially sought after in Loveland, our range of modern stucco house colors ensures durability while exuding a seamless, chic finish.

Tastefully designed stone siding for metropolitan

Modern Siding Styles

At Siding Colorado, we’re leading the way with innovative trends. Experience modern vertical siding and modern house exterior choices tailored for Loveland residences. Our collection showcases the unique aesthetics of Woodtone, sleek Trespa exterior panels, and Alside’s timeless allure. Ready to embrace the future? Let’s modernize your home.

Commercial lap plank siding design for modern Loveland homes

Replacement Siding Loveland

Seeing signs of wear on your home’s facade? Reminiscent of the majestic Rocky Mountains that tower over Loveland, siding, too, can weather over time. Typically, siding lasts 20-30 years. When it’s time for siding replacement, count on us for impeccable siding installation. We ensure Loveland homes are both stylish and sturdy.

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Siding Repair Loveland

Is your siding cracked or showing mold? Perhaps you need house siding repair. Before minor issues escalate, let Loveland’s trusted experts handle it. At Siding Colorado, we prioritize longevity and aesthetics.


We were more than satisfied with the crew. They were wonderful and everything they did was done very professionally. We love, love, love, our siding now. We would definitely go back to Scottish Home Improvements again. I was most satisfied with the attention to fine details. I would like to recognize our salesman Riggo Malara, he was fantastic. He was very professional and responsive to our needs. Everything has been great. I would like to recognize Mario, and his team.

Richard & Kathy Swedberg
February 25, 2023

The quality of the workmanship, materials used, and the construction crew were all excellent. I was most satisfied with the quality of the work and materials used. The installers very courteous and they keep the work area very clean. Scottish Home Improvements provided excellent communication. I would like to recognize the salesperson, project manager, and the chief of the installation crew. The installers were all really great and worked as a good team. They were very efficient.

Maurine & Nafi Onat
February 17, 2023

I was really impressed with how they coordinated with my window people. We have done a lot of renovations at our house over the last three years. The siding was one of the better experiences we had. They were on time and told me when they would be here. They were just awesome. We will be using your company again. I was most satisfied with the work, the overall timing, and the communication.

Dawn Watter
August 7, 2021
Stylish cedar siding for urban Loveland homes

Siding Maintenance & Care

Loveland homes deserve the best care. Always use the right siding cleaner as per manufacturer’s advice. Proper maintenance preserves your home’s brilliance, ensuring it mirrors Loveland’s natural beauty.

Gorgeous commercial stucco siding

Alternatives to Siding Replacement

In the picturesque landscape of Boulder, full re-siding isn’t always the only or the most economical option available to homeowners. A strategic approach that prioritizes the needs of the home can be more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run. Boulder homeowners can explore various solutions, such as exterior painting which revives the appearance or selectively repairing sections of siding that have seen the brunt of damage.

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Alternatives to Hardwood Siding

Hardwood siding, with its classic appeal and organic texture, remains a favorite among many. Yet, the capricious nature of Colorado’s climate, marked by sudden shifts and severe weather conditions, can sometimes be too harsh for hardwood to withstand effectively. As a response, Boulder’s savvy homeowners have the option to pivot towards more resilient alternatives. Fiber cement offers a blend of durability with aesthetic versatility, mimicking the look of many traditional materials. Engineered wood, on the other hand, brings forth the genuine warmth of wood but with an enhanced resistance to the elements. For those seeking a modern twist to their home exteriors, Trespa panels offer a unique, contemporary look, merging style with unparalleled sturdiness.

Artistically designed vertical plank siding

Siding Pricing/Costs

How much will your dream exterior cost? In Loveland, factors abound. Typically, siding replacement cost falls between $12-15 per square foot. Remember, this doesn’t include additional house siding cost elements, like permits or warranty. James Hardie has an especially attractive warranty program that could save homeowners thousands.

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Exterior Painting

Brighten your home’s exterior with a splash of color. With our expert house painting services, Loveland homes can shine anew. But sometimes, siding replacement offers a more enduring solution. Whichever route you choose, our exterior painters and house painters are ready to assist.

Metropolitan wood siding innovations

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Dreaming of an exterior overhaul in Loveland? Your search ends here. As one of the leading siding companies in the region, our expertise spans from Downtown to Stanley Village and beyond. Trust in our team, whether you need a siding installer or a full revamp. Connect with us for a detailed quote today.

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