Making Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

At Siding Colorado, we know a lot about curb appeal because our specialty is making homes in the Denver/Metro area more beautiful by adding James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding.  James Hardie siding is definitely one of the most beautiful home improvement products we sell, with gorgeous, fade-resistant colors that turn any home into the talk of the town and adds amazing curb appeal.  We know that not everyone may be in the market for new James Hardie Siding right now so we came up with a few ideas of our own for your to add curb appeal to your Denver area home this fall without spending thousands of dollars residing (haha). Keep reading for a few simple, fun ways to make your home look it’s best this season and to add some fun curb appeal as well.

Curb Appeal Is All About The Porch Accents!

Go Vintage

Using old or broken down items that look vintage is a great way to breathe new life into a front porch.  Finding things like a funky bike, rusted metal buckets, or even old tools like shovels and rakes is a great way to add a little old-timey punch to your front porch.  If you are worried about it looking like a “yard sale” try adding some autumnal garland to elevate the look.

Shabby Chic Is Always In!

Besides looking incredibly in style, the best thing about a shabby chic Fall front porch design is it is cost-effective! Things like old wooden windows with peeling paint are easily spruced up with a festive design painted on the glass. Something like an old wooden ladder makes for the perfect foundation to set pumpkins or seasonal flowers to create a fall scene.  With the approach, you can really let your imagination run wild and keep to your budget as well.

Minimal And Monotone Is Anything But Boring

Probably one of the most difficult aspects of decorating your front porch is choosing a color palette that goes with your home’s existing color and not going overboard.  You can stop worrying about any of that by just going monotone and minimalistic. Just Pick one color like green and simply buy everything in dark to light tones in that color.  *Hint, using white and neutrals is always a safe bet because they give a high-end look and match any current home color.

Siding Colorado For James Hardie In Denver

These are just a couple of ideas to get your creative juice going this fall.  Home decoration is really about what you like and your confidence in your own decisions.  So, get out there and experiment with some fun ideas from this blog or Pinterest is always full of great inspiration.  Lastly, remember, at Siding Colorado, beautiful homes are our business. So, when it comes time for you to take your Denver home’s exterior to the up a notch with new siding, reach out to us about James Hardie Siding choices, for a superior look that will last a lifetime.   

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Siding Colorado. Shortly after moving to Colorado from Scotland, Martin had a negative experience with a local home improvements contractor, which inspired him to start his own company. Siding Colorado was born which quickly became the largest and most successful siding company in the area. Martin and his team have experience installing siding of all types, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and steel, for a range of residential and commercial buildings. They are trusted by homeowners all throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs metro regions.