LP SmartSide Styles For Your Colorado Home

LP SmartSide is the result of some major innovations in the siding industry–the first in a long time. It is new, expertly engineered and as one of the industry’s newest additions, it is changing the way homeowners in Colorado and across the US side their homes.  Not only making one of the most powerful siding technologies affordable to the average homeowner but offering them more styles to choose at this price point than ever before.

What Styles Does LP SmartSide Offer For Colorado Homes?

One of the best selling points of LP SmartSide is its stunning appearance.  It comes in a variety of rich colors and styles like panel, lap, and shingle.  Read below to find out more about each.

SmartSide Lap Siding: LP Lap siding is definitely one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to create a beautiful custom look for your Colorado home.  It is available in a number of sizes and textures, any of which will give your Colorado home the curb appeal you want, with the durability you need to stand up to Colorado weather.

Features & Benefits Of LP Lap Siding

  • One of the most durable and affordable lap siding on the market
  • 16’ length for faster installation
  • Creates fewer seams than traditional 12’ siding

SmartSide Panel Siding: LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding insulates your Colorado home as well as protects–keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer and looks amazing doing it!  It is as beautiful as real wood but gives your Colorado home all of the advantages treated wood technology–like rot and pest resistance.

Features & Benefits Of LP SmartSide Panel Siding

  • A sleek natural look
  • Perfect for exterior for homes in areas of high winds or seismic activity
  • Significantly lighter than similar fiber cement panel products

LP SmartSide Shingle: SmartSide side products, including SmartSide Shingle, are treated to the core with a proprietary SmartGuard® process. This adds strength and helps LP SmartSide shingle products withstand impacts, freeze-thaw cycles, high humidity, fungal decay and more.

Features & Benefits Of  LP SmartSide Shingle

  • Features fine sawn wood texture with no knots
  • Clean-lined Shingles with up to a 5.5˝ to 6.5˝ reveal
  • A beautiful accent for gables or siding walls

Watch the video below for more information on LP SmartSide:

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