Are you considering giving your Colorado Springs home better protection and a stylish upgrade? Residential siding is an excellent solution as it shields your house from the elements and improves its appearance. Moreover, spring is an ideal season to get new or replace existing siding. Want to know why? Continue reading for more information!

Spring Siding Installation Benefits

As a Colorado-based siding company, we understand the significance of having high-quality siding for your home, especially during the harsh winter months. Therefore, we recommend that homeowners consider installing or replacing their siding during the spring season.

Here are a few reasons why spring is the best time to have your siding installed:

Mild weather conditions: Colorado Springs experiences weather changes frequently, but it’s guaranteed there are numerous pleasant days in spring that are perfect for siding installation. Due to the temperate climate during these months, contractors prefer working in spring, making April-June the best time for home siding replacement.

Faster turnaround time: To ensure a smooth siding project, timing is crucial. Contractors have greater availability during the spring season, allowing them to finish the project quicker and provide it with more attention. If you want your Colorado Springs home’s siding installation to be as efficient as possible, then spring is an ideal time.

The Best Questions to Ask Siding Contractors

After learning the best season for installing new siding on your home, the next step is to select a siding contractor in Colorado Springs. It is important to choose a reliable siding contractor to ensure your project is finished on schedule and meets your expectations.

Here are ten questions you should ask a potential siding contractor before hiring them:

  1. How long have you been in business? Hiring a contractor with extensive experience in the best siding brands increases the chances your siding project will be done right.
  2. Are you licensed and insured? It is important to work with a licensed and insured contractor to protect yourself in case of accidents or damages.
  3. Can you provide references? To obtain references, you may ask a trustworthy contractor to provide you with the contact details of their past clients.
  4. What is your pricing structure? To fully understand the services provided, it’s important to inquire about the contractor’s pricing structure, including any additional fees or costs involved.
  5. What brands do you partner with? It is important to hire a contractor who has partnerships with high-quality siding brands in the industry so that your siding can be eligible for a variety of warranties.
  6. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees? Reputable contractors should offer warranties or guarantees for their workmanship, and if they are certified to install particular materials, those materials should be covered under a brand warranty.
  7. Can you provide a written estimate? Requesting a written estimate that includes information about the project scope, materials used, and cost breakdown is crucial.
  8. How long will the project take? The estimate for the project duration and any potential delay factors will be provided to you and is an important part of your planning too.
  9. Who will be working on my project? Gather information about the people who will be working on your project, including any subcontractors, to understand who is accountable for the work and any possible setbacks.
  10. Will you handle obtaining the necessary permits? Make sure to confirm with the contractor if they will handle getting the necessary permits for my project and ask about the estimated timeline for this process.

Get Answers to Your Siding Questions in a Free Siding Consultation

Why not replace your siding now during spring? You can have a new and improved exterior that lets you feel proud of your home’s appearance by the end of the season. Along with the type of siding you pick, it’s crucial to choose the right person for the installation.

We are a professional and friendly team that is devoted to satisfying your siding replacement needs. During our consultation, we can answer any questions you may have. Contact us for a free consultation and pricing today. We can help you achieve a new and long-lasting look for your Colorado Springs home.

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Siding Colorado. Shortly after moving to Colorado from Scotland, Martin had a negative experience with a local home improvements contractor, which inspired him to start his own company. Siding Colorado was born which quickly became the largest and most successful siding company in the area. Martin and his team have experience installing siding of all types, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and steel, for a range of residential and commercial buildings. They are trusted by homeowners all throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs metro regions.