Few U.S. cities receive more year-round sun than Denver. If you’ve lived here for any substantial amount of time, you know that you can always count on the sun to come out, even in the dead of winter. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold here. In fact, it can get real cold and pretty snowy at that. On average, Denver gets about 60 inches of snow per year. Compared to the average 28 inches for most U.S. cities, that’s a lot.

That’s why it can pay off to have cold weather siding in Denver. Siding options that are designed for wet, cold conditions last longer and are less costly to maintain. Below, we’ve listed some of our recommendations for residing your Denver home that will provide comfort and warmth during the winter.

Top Siding Choices for Winter Comfort in Denver

The type of siding you choose can make a huge difference in terms of your winter comfort. Some siding options are better insulated than others and help retain heat better during the winter. Furthermore, if the material is prone to moisture or wind damage, it will have a hard time withstanding the freezing temperatures and snow in Denver. These siding options are all great options for homeowners who are looking to improve their winter comfort and avoid extra maintenance.

1. Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is made from a mixture of cement and fibrous materials. As you can imagine, it holds up pretty well in moist, wet, and freezing conditions. It will cost you more, but it’s a sold investment. In terms of brands, we highly recommend James Hardie.

2. Engineered Wood Siding

The benefit of engineered wood siding is that it’s very well insulated, meaning that it will keep your home nice and warm during the winter. It’s not quite as tough as fiber cement, but it comes pretty close. LP SmartSide makes a beautiful engineered wood siding that’s designed for impact resistance, which is great in Denver because you don’t have to worry about hail damage.

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3. Vinyl Siding

Believe it or not, vinyl siding was actually designed for moisture resistance. While it may not be the strongest siding option out there, it will definitely keep moisture out of your home. This will help it stay drier and warmer, and prevent interior rot.

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