Dealing with hail damage to your siding can be stressful, especially if the damage is severe. A couple of shallow dents are one thing, but cracks or holes are a serious matter. If neglected, the damage could get worse over time. Additionally, you run the risk of exposing your home to moisture and pests, which could eventually lead to structural problems. Below, we’ve discussed in detail the choices you have when repairing hail-damaged siding for your Colorado home.


Hail Damage to Siding: Repair or Replace?

Determining whether to repair or replace hail-damaged siding depends on the severity of the damage and a few other factors. You will want to consider the age and condition of your siding. If it’s more than 10 or 15 years old and due for replacement anyway, you might as well pull the trigger now and get it over with. You’ll also want to check into your home insurance policy to see if hail damage is covered. Lastly, you also have your own personal preferences and budget to consider.

At Siding Colorado, we offer services for both siding repair and full replacement. So whatever you decide, we’re behind you. We can also provide you with an assessment to evaluate the extent of the damage. This may help you with making your decision of whether to replace or repair.


The Best Options for Replacing Hail Damaged Siding in Colorado

If you decide that you want to replace all of your siding, the next step is to choose a replacement product. It’s important to keep in mind, this is Colorado and hailstorms happen frequently. You’ll want to avoid any type of siding that’s especially susceptible to hail damage like vinyl. Instead, consider a durable, impact-resistant option like:

  • James Hardie fiber cement
  • LP SmartSide engineered wood
  • Diamond Kote engineered wood
  • Other fiber cement brands
  • Other engineered wood brands
  • Stone siding
  • Steel siding


Has Your Siding Been Damaged by Hail? Siding Colorado Can Help!

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