As you know, in Colorado Springs, hail is a real problem. It can strike anytime during spring, summer, or even fall. Some sidings are great a repelling hail. Other siding choices are not. So which siding is best ranked for hail resistance? The best brands are made of composite materials.

What is Composite Siding?

Composite siding is a type of building cladding made of different materials bonded with resins. They are often impregnated with chemicals to resist fungi, fire, and insects. They come pre-primed and ready to paint with one of the many rich colors offered by the manufacturer. They look great, last a long time, and almost perfectly mimic the look of real wood. James Hardie and LP SmartSide are the two best composite sidings on the market. 

James Hardie for Hail Resistant Siding in Colorado Springs

So why is James Hardie such a great composite siding? Because it is a premium siding product, specifically engineered to withstand worst-case scenarios like baseball-size hail. The manufacturer rigorously tests it to ensure performance.  Also, it protects from more than just hail. So when you buy James Hardie Fiber Cement siding for your Colorado Springs home, you get protection from freezing temperatures, flying debris, UV rays, pests, and fire too!

LP SmartSide for Hail Resistant Siding in Colorado Springs

Because of frequent hail storms, having a siding that is impact-resistant here in Colorado Springs is a must. LP SmartSide is a composite siding making it a good choice for buildings here. LP SmartSide does not divot after impact like vinyl or wood will. This is because it is made out of resin and wood fibers which are strong and flexible. Plus, it is a mid-range priced composite, so with LP SmartSide, you are buying beauty and durability without a premium price.

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