Vinyl siding is a great choice for tight budgets and remodels and perfect for Aurora homes. While not as durable as fiber cement or engineering wood, when cared for properly, it will last decades. Luckily the maintenance on this siding option is fairly straightforward and can usually be done by a homeowner on their own. However, if you don’t feel completely comfortable with it, you should call a professional contractor like us!

Wash Vinyl Siding

Use a soft cloth or a simple long-handled soft bristle brush to clean the surface. To prevent the stains from being spread into the texture grooves, only use a soft bristle brush on textured surfaces. Cleaning should be done gently to avoid damage to the surface. After cleaning, run water over it. To avoid streaking, wash a house from bottom to top, then rinse down the top to bottom before moving on to the next section.

*If you have difficult-to-remove dirt or stains such as topsoil, motor oil, lithium grease, crayon, felt-tip pen, caulking, lipstick, grass, bubble gum, mold, or mildew, try using common cleaners like Soft Scrub, Ajax, or Bon Ami. but remember, they could have a negative effect on the surface, so check with a siding contractor first.

Inspect Vinyl Siding

At least once a year, visually inspect the siding for flaws. If you find missing pieces of siding, you can attempt to put replacement pieces in yourself. However, it is best if you call a siding contractor for repairs of this nature.

Keep-Up Vinyl Siding

There are a few basic/seasonal tasks that will keep vinyl siding looking great for years. They are easy to do and effective.

  • Rinse the siding and trim with your garden hose when it looks dirty. This will really help your vinyl siding come to life since, in Aurora, homes collect dust.
  • Clean out your gutter regularly.  Make sure they are in good shape and functional and especially that there are no leaks that are damaging your vinyl siding.
  • Clear out plants, bushes, and flora near the foundation of your Aurora home, and be sure they are not rubbing against the siding and doing damage.

For more information on vinyl siding maintenance, contact us today!