Longboard siding is an example of how, although new materials do not come out very often in the siding industry when they do become available, they are usually quite advanced. The Longboard company was founded in 2005, and by 2022 their products were well-known for being innovative.

What is Longboard Siding?

Longboard siding is an innovative aluminum cladding that provides unrivaled function and style. This cutting-edge siding is made by the Longboard company in British Columbia, which is certified for excellence in manufacturing according to ICC ESR standards.

The Advantages of Longboard Siding for Homes

The traditional wood look of Longboard siding is without a doubt a great choice for properties and businesses. This material, besides its authentic wood appearance, has several advantages.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Durable

Traditional siding materials, such as dust, rain, and UV radiation, are destructive to them over time. When exposed to the elements, they may peel, warp, or fade. Aluminum longboard sidings are covered with weather-resistant and graffiti-resistant paints that enhance their longevity and durability.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Low Maintenance

Longboard siding, like other types of siding, requires yearly maintenance to preserve its appearance and function. Longboard siding requires less upkeep than other kinds of siding. In reality, all that is necessary to maintain it looking lovely is a soft sponge and water with mild detergents.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Fire-Resistant

Longboard siding may resemble wood, but it is, in fact aluminum. Consequently, the cladding can withstand fires very well. Furthermore, it will retard any flames from reaching the wooden structures beneath it; thus, Longboard protects dwellings and commercial buildings from fire threats.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Does Not Rot

Because aluminum is not organic, it does not rot or absorb water. Therefore, the siding remains dry and mold-free, as well as protected from pests.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Environmentally Friendly

Choosing Longboard Siding Is a Great Way to Go Green! All aluminum material is recyclable and considered environmentally friendly, unlike many siding kinds. It’s light enough to be removed and recycled at recycling centers after it’s taken out of homes or businesses.

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