Wildfires are a major concern in western states including Colorado. Because of the dry climate and abundance of forests, wildfires tend to spread quickly and can endanger nearby neighborhoods or homes. Installing fire resistant siding for your Colorado home is a great way to protect your property from fires caused by human and natural forces. Below, we’ve shared our recommendations for fire resistant options.


What Is Fire Resistant Siding?

Fire resistant siding is exterior cladding that’s able to withstand heat and slow the spread of fires. Fire resistant siding is not “fireproof.” However, in the case that a fire occurs, it can provide extra time for the fire to be extinguished, minimizing damage and risk to people inside the home.


What Are Some Good Fire Resistant Siding Options?

Having the beautiful place you love destroyed by a fire is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. There are few things more tragic than a family having to relocate because their house burned down and every possession they hold dear has been lost forever. What’s more, house fires are incredibly dangerous and can create a life-threatening situation.

That’s why so many people out West choose to install fire resistant siding for their home. Here are some great fire resistant siding options for Coloradoans to consider:


Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is generally viewed as being “fire resistant” because it’s made from non-combustible materials like sand and cement. James Hardie, Nichiha, and Allura are all excellent fiber cement brands.



Steel, aluminum, and other metal siding options are also fairly resistant to fire. While metals do conduct heat, they are slow to deteriorate when exposed to fire.



Brick and all different types of stone siding are also great options for reducing the risk of fire damage. Both brick and stone do an excellent job at keeping flames away from materials within your falls that can easily catch fire.


Modern Stucco

Modern stucco is another great fire-resistant option. Stucco has an average fire rating of one hour. We recommend James Hardie stucco panels due to their fiber cement composition.


Protect Your Home from Fires in Colorado

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