It might be difficult to live in a high-altitude city like Colorado Springs. The severity of the weather affects almost every aspect of houses here. This includes siding. How can homeowners mitigate the impact of the harsh climate in this area? Diamond Kote is a good investment.  It has many of the functional qualities homeowners in the Colorado Springsarea need for the challenges we face at a mile high.  Plus, Diamond Kote pre-finish has some of the most beautiful colors and textures available on the market today!

LP Siding For Extreme Colorado SpringsHome Protection

LP Siding With Diamond Coat Protects Against Hail: We experience a lot of hail in Colorado Springs. Roofing and siding are frequently damaged by it. LP® SmartSide is a manufactured wood product with excellent hail resistance, so it provides good protection against this hazard. However, your Denver home will be virtually unharmed if you add Diamond Kote’s built-on pre-finish to the equation.

LP Siding With Diamond Coat Won’t Fade:  The weather in Colorado Springs is more severe because it is at a mile high. Anything that sits in the Colorado sun gets damaged by UV rays. Diamond Kote for LP siding is a UV-resistant siding that will not peel, crack, or fade with time under the Denver sun. Plus includes an industry-leading 30-year no-fade warranty.

LP Siding With Diamond Coat Keeps Off Dust: Because of the arid climate in Colorado Springs, it is extremely dusty. This dust gets into everything, both indoors and outside of houses. It also adheres to your clapboard and siding. Diamond Kote pre-finish for your LP siding prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on your home’s exteriors and keeping them looking bright and clean.

We are the Colorado Springs area’s most prolific Diamond Kote installation experts.  We are an approved LP contractor, which means everything we install will be under the LP warranty. To learn more about LP Siding with Diamond Kote pre-finish, contact us for a free estimate on your Colorado Springs home or commercial building and upfront pricing too.

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Siding Colorado. Shortly after moving to Colorado from Scotland, Martin had a negative experience with a local home improvements contractor, which inspired him to start his own company. Siding Colorado was born which quickly became the largest and most successful siding company in the area. Martin and his team have experience installing siding of all types, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and steel, for a range of residential and commercial buildings. They are trusted by homeowners all throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs metro regions.