How To Choose A Siding Color To Fit Your Home And Your Personality

Siding colors are about way more than just the color of your Englewood home–they are an expression of your unique personality and at the very least a color you are going to have to look at for at least the next 20 years should you stay in your home. So, when choosing a siding color, you want to spend a fair amount of time thinking about which colors are here to stay and which ones–not so much. More importantly, you want to find a color that suits you but also the style of your home. It just so happens, James Hardie Fiber Cement siding offers a number of colors, all of which will stay in style as long as you own your Englewood home and probably well beyond. Although the colors vary from bold to subtle, one ubiquitous truth applies to them all–each one is as elegant as it is classic. Read below to explore some of the lovely James Hardie colors and the home styles they most often adorn.

Popular James Hardie™ Cape Cod House Siding Colors

Although the “Cape Cod” homestyle was created back east. There is no shortage of this older style home here in Englewood–in fact, this is probably the most prominent style here. This is likely because of the efficient layout and additional rooms upstairs that make these tiny homes much bigger and efficient than one would think. Since this style of home originates from a part of the country with oceans and beaches, it makes sense that whites, sandy beiges, and deep blues are some of the most popular Cape Cod house colors. However, in the “deserty” setting we live in here in Colorado, it is not surprising to see them in earthy tones like Navajo Beige or Countrylane Red

Popular James Hardie™ Victorian House Siding Colors

The Victorian era is named after the rule of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. The period is known to be a bit over the top and excess in design. Englewood has quite a few Victorian homes as this was about the time that wealthier people began moving in the region. Both dark and light tones are perfect for siding on Victorian homes–especially when matched with opposite tone trim. Meaning a color combination that is great for your Englewood Victorian home would be something like Evening Blue siding with Sail Cloth trim.

Popular James Hardie™ Craftsman Style House Siding Colors

The Craftsman home style originated in the late 1800s which is why Englewood which really began booming around this time has quite a few of them–this was a time when people where literally flocking to the region in general and many ended up building on more available and cheaper land here in Englewood (south of the city). In recent years, the Craftsman style has come back into style, no doubt because it is simple but elegant. Craftsman siding colors tend to draw inspiration from nature so for your Englewood Craftsman home colors like Chestnut Brown or Mountain Sage are perfect!

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