James Hardie Siding Features And Benefits

There are countless ways for you to improve the value of your Colorado home and with the real estate market booming right now, improving your home may be a better idea than selling your home and moving into a nicer/newer one. While many home improvements are known to add value to your home, James Hardie Siding could very well be the most profitable option when all is said and done. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is a premium siding product, with a higher price point than something like vinyl siding. However, it has a lot of perks, that pound for pound, making it worth every penny. Read below to find out more about what makes James Hardie so great.

1. James Hardie Has A Climate-Specific System

James Hardie manufactures fiber cement siding systems for a number of different climates across the country. It is called HardieZone® and it takes into account the climate variables in your region–of which Colorado has many. This means your siding will likely last decades before needing replacement. When negotiating selling price-this is a sentiment to pass along to potential home buyers.

2. James Hardie Is Extremely Durable

James Hardie fiber cement products protect from some of siding’s most profound enemies: moisture, pest infestation and extreme changes in temperature. For this reason, James Hardie siding easily protects homes against cracking and swelling and even mold. Strong siding is a very sought after option for those looking to buy a home and therefore could result in your home selling faster and for more.

3. Strong Product Guarantee With A Transferable Warranty

James Hardie is the industry leader in amazing warranties. Its siding and trim products come with 30- and 15-year coverage. Best of all, should you decide to put your home on the market, the James Hardie warranty can be transferred to the new owner. This gives you an incredible selling point when negotiating the selling price of your home and should be factored into your home’s selling price from the start.

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Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Siding Colorado. Shortly after moving to Colorado from Scotland, Martin had a negative experience with a local home improvements contractor, which inspired him to start his own company. Siding Colorado was born which quickly became the largest and most successful siding company in the area. Martin and his team have experience installing siding of all types, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and steel, for a range of residential and commercial buildings. They are trusted by homeowners all throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs metro regions.